The youngest ones, the first ones

Il geco sognante can be an actual kindergarten. We do have kids, so we planned the whole space and the different areas according to the needs and requests of our most important guests, the youngest ones. The green lawn, the pool, the wide and safe courts, the absence of any danger and the unrivaled peace of this countryside, all ensure a wonderful stay, while dancing and racing around. The little ones can enjoy cuddling the pets of the near farms, while their older brothers and sisters can play scavenger hunt discovering the oldest trulli hidden in the surrounding olive groves. Even when going sightseeing, kids will have their fun playing tag and racing through the maze of narrow allies of many typical Apulian little towns while encountering unique monuments. We look after you and your holiday and that’s why the youngest ones come first.



Big heart, capable hands, love for the land, unique hospitality. This place owes its magnificence to the daily hard work of women and men: by meeting them you’ll encounter the marvelous South. Living in the South means shaking everybody’s hands, stopping by to have a cup of coffee, accepting presents from anyone, following some advice or listening to a story. Farmers, brickies, artisans, carpenters, mechanics, bakers, and innkeepers, everybody here is called “master”, which means teacher of their own art, no matter how noble or humble it might be. Connect with courtesy and kindness, and you’ll be rewarded with smiles and open hearts.





You were born here

The most wanted. Since ever, since it was discovered, dominations came one by one through the millennia, aiming at the exploitation of the wealth of resources of this land. Can you imagine the result of such stratification through the centuries? Greeks, Messapics, Japigis, Daunis, Peucetis, Romans, as well as Phoenicians, Arabs, Normans. All these peoples left an indelible trace up to our days. For everyday you spend at the Geco Sognante you should visit one or more historical sites, medieval churches, exhibitions, museums. Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto, Bari and the lesser centers all over the region are waiting for you and your friends to meet the Great History. You can start right here: not far from our property there’s a thousand-year old “specchia”, a huge heap of stones, built up by the Messapics as a watchtower. Enjoy the experience of climbing it up, above the olive groves, to get the best sightseeing of the Valle d’Itria. Don’t you know it yet? You were born here.


Sport and wellness

To sit down at the table and feast …you must deserve it! This place can fulfill everybody’s appetites and tastes. The sweet countryside is a paradise for running, cycling, or simply hiking in search for the loveliest flowers of the season. If you enjoy swimming you can dive into the pool, or else you could reach the enchanting coasts of the Adriatic Sea, just half an hour by car from here. There, you can test your progress in beach running or dip into its hot waters riding our kayak. If however you don’t feel like leaving the estate, then you can play soccer, football, volley or Messapic tennis on our soft lawn. Unless you were up late last night! Be this the case, just have a relaxing water gym practice, enjoy a funny dive contest in the pool, or just lay back in the Jacuzzi. Anyway and anyhow, you deserve it!



You can have a sea holiday, between soft beaches, golden dunes, enchanting natural reserves or terrific cliffs. Or else you may have a countryside holiday, searching for the “dolce vita” in the so-called trullishire, in the heart of the Valle d’Itria. You can then experience a typical wine&food itinerary, discovering the supreme local cuisine, authentic pride of the country. Last but not least you can enjoy the extraordinary local cultural heritage, a sheer treasure for the mankind. However, you can have it all at once everyday: after riding a bicycle and visiting an ancient cave church, you can buy freshly baked bread and freshly made cheese directly by the producers in the neighboring farms, and wander around the countryside amongst charming trulli and monumental olive trees. Just follow the cycling and pedestrian pathways from the hills to the sea. Such astounding scenery for your eyes and your soul!